A few reasons to be grateful

As I start my 25th year as a Financial Advisor and my 16th year since joining Jackson/Roskelley, I am honored and humbled by the influence and success we have been able to accomplish. I don’t like to brag (ok, maybe a little) but I thought you might enjoy hearing about what happened in 2022.

First - Raymond James recently announced that we will be part of its Chairmans Council, which is reserved for the Top 100 advisors and represents the top .02% of its 4700 advisors nationwide.

Second, one of our Senior Advisors, Darin Shebesta, CFP®, was honored by Advisorhub as a Top 50 Practice.

And Third, Forbes announced that for the 2nd year in a row, myself and our team was selected as one of its Best in State Advisors

None of this could happen without 2 key ingredients. Great Clients and an Exceptional Team.

Thank you for the opportunity to work with you. It is a great honor and I hope you know how much we strive to “wow” you with our advice and service.

Last year to celebrate, we sent out small gifts asking you to join us in a toast.

This year, we decided to celebrate by sponsoring a family dealing with the challenges of having a child with cancer. In lieu of a toast/gift, we will be helping (fill in child cancer charity name), who help families with their unique needs during the holidays. This is an amazing organization that seeks to bring happiness during difficult times.

Thank you for your trust, confidence, and support. We are only successful because of you.

Source - https://www.advisorhub.com/advisors-to-watch-solo/