The steps to planning for the whole financial picture

As part of our client experience, we strive for service that is proactively explained and anticipated – so you always know what to expect from our team. Through the years, we’ve developed a financial planning process that is client-centric and based on the fundamentals of our investing philosophy – knowing your long-term goals, thoroughly planning for them, and executing the plan.

Bringing your story into focus
This initial meeting is a one- to two-hour complimentary exchange of information, and a chance for both of us to determine if the relationship is a good fit. We’ll ask questions that help you reflect on what your wants and objectives are and the lifestyle you’re seeking.

Digging into the data
After understanding your goals, we move forward by assessing your resources and exploring the possibilities. Our thorough approach to financial document and asset review typically takes one to two weeks. A financial planning agreement is signed, your retainer is paid, and we are officially partners on the path to the life you choose. This is the beginning of your Life Plan.

Designing and presenting your custom plan
With an eye on the whole picture, we outline investment, estate, tax planning and insurance strategies that are important to creating a reliable future, or an improved present. We develop an action plan and timeline to help you set your priorities.

Putting the plan in motion
Investing in quality securities with properly allocated risks and appropriate payout periods is only part of what we do. No plan has any value without proper execution. After we’ve agreed upon our course of action, you will find us pleasantly persistent in following up with your plan.

Monitoring the plan and staying in sync
We continually manage your plan’s performance in all areas. Are we still on track? Is this plan sustainable over time? All elements are reviewed. You’ll find that we keep an eye on the horizon for coming storms, in case we need to adjust your course. It’s all part of our flexible planning process, designed to guide our clients through various phases of life and market cycles.

Diversification and strategic asset allocation do not ensure a profit or protect against a loss. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Investing always involves risk and you may incur a profit or loss. No investment strategy can guarantee success.